15 must-visit restaurants in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood


Dingfelders delicatessen

Dingfelder’s packs its sandwiches with an incredible amount of meat and gives all dishes a perfect home-style flair. Their classic menu features thirteen types of sandwiches, all served with coleslaw and pickles. There is also a changing soup of the day and open bagel sandwiches.

Location: 1318 E Pine Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-403-1365
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Meet Korean BBQ

When you enter the premium KBBQ restaurant, the first thing you will notice is a large wood grill topped with strong marinated meat. The BBQ eatery prides itself on serving only premium cuts of meat such as premium Angus, American Wagyu beef, and Kurobuta pork alongside seasonal specialty sauces.

Location: 500 East Pike Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-695-2621

Capitol Cider

Capitol Cider is not your average cider. The top floor has a gluten-free dining area, while the basement is the Ballast Bar, known for its bookshelf full of board games. Of course, if you’re only there for the cider, they have a huge selection too.

Location: 818 East Pike Street
Phone: 206-397-3564
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Biang Biang noodles

If you are looking for hand drawn noodles, Biang Biang is the place for you. The pasta chefs have mastered the art of strands of dough that offer just the right bite. All sauces complement the pasta perfectly – what more could you want?

Location: 601 E Pike St Unit 100, Seattle
Phone: 206-809-8999
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fogOhn Mexican cuisine

I don’t want to lie, our favorite food at Fogón is the margaritas. You will have difficulty choosing between their list as the place serves an ultimate margarita, Jimador Margarita, Tamarindo Margarita, Agave Margarita, Bartender’s Margarita, Skinny Margarita, Jose’s Chile Margarita, and Diablo Margarita.

Location: 600 E Pine Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-320-7777

Dacha diner

Get your Eastern European and Jewish cuisine in one place: Dacha Diner. Enjoy a breakfast of eggs and latkes, cold items, soups and house bread. Or try dumplings and regional specialties such as brisket and golumpkis. Our tip: come early; all items are available to sold out.

Location: 1416 East Olive Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-708-6855
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Chukis tacos

Tacos Chukis was born as the result of a UW graduate who didn’t know what to do with his life. After cycling 1,700 miles to his hometown of Tijuana, he was greeted by his family and a dish: tacos. Although we recommend all of their tacos, the taco chukis and taco adobada take the cake.

Location: 219 Broadway E, Seattle
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Bull ox

The strong flavors of Laos are beautifully coated at Taurus Ox. The restaurant describes its dishes as strong, umami, spicy, herbaceous and aromatic. You can’t go wrong choosing any of the dishes between $ 6-14.

Location: 1523 E Madison Street, Suite 101, Seattle
Phone: 206-972-0075
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