7 unpretentious farm to table restaurants in and around Seattle


Farm-to-table food is so much more than just a phrase.

This allows restaurants to tell their guests that they are prioritizing where their food is grown and often sourcing it from local farms and butchers.

If you really want to eat locally without having to visit the farms yourself, try one of these seven farm-to-table restaurants in Seattle:


Whether you are looking for breakfast bowls, sandwiches or salads, Homegrown has it all. The restaurant aims to transform the food system so that future generations can live in greater harmony with the earth. How do you do that? By sourcing each of their ingredients sustainably and using almost 100% compostable and recyclable products.

Location: 1531 Melrose Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-620-0463

Location: 999 3rd Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-774-3663

Location: 2201 Queen Anne Avenue N, Seattle
Phone: 206-774-3645

Location: 208 Westlake Avenue N, Seattle
Phone: 206-620-0258

Location: 2650 NE Village Lane, Seattle
Phone: 206-620-1764
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Head chef Jason Stoneburner presents the wealth of the Northwest in his delicious Ballard restaurant. He sources each of his ingredients from small farms around Washington and then whips them into delicious dishes.

Location: 5214 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-695-2051
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Terra silver

Terra Plata sources all of its ingredients from growers and artisans who all practice organic and sustainable agriculture. The restaurant also prepares meals for the Food is Love Project, which helps children and families in need.

Location: 1501 Melrose Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-325-1501
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Local 360

The local 360 Cafe and Bar prides itself on being in the Pacific Northwest. They use what is grown and produced nearby to create some of the freshest, tastiest bar fare.

Location: 2234 1st Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-441-9360
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Shaker and spear

Those looking for fresh and local seafood should check out Shaker and Spear. On the west coast, it only makes sense that their seafood comes straight from our local waters and is paired with local and seasonal ingredients.

Location: 2000 Second Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-826-1700
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Bounty kitchen

Fresh, local and organic are the three pillars of Bounty Kitchen. The café in the neighborhood offers delicious food that matches local and seasonal offerings. Bounty Kitchen also combines old-fashioned cooking techniques with today.

Location: 7 Boston Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-695-2017

Location: 801 Lenora Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-602-6045

Location: 550 19th Avenue East, Seattle
Phone: 206-717-2145
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The herb farm

Okay, the latter is a little ostentatious but so tasty it deserves to be on this list. The Herbfarm is 20 minutes from Seattle. The restaurant celebrates dishes and wines of the Pacific Northwest with a thematic nine-course menu with matching wines.

Location: 14590 NE 145th Street, Woodinville
Phone: 425-485-5300
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