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LOS ANGELES – (AP) – Timbaland paved his own way as a hit producer for elite acts like Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z, but now he’s creating a trail for aspiring musicians to work with the biggest artists in the business.

While its hugely successful “Verzuz” series with Swizz Beatz remains popular, Timbaland is joining a new company called Beatclub, an online beat-selling marketplace. It is a digital platform for music makers to connect with musicians, producers, songwriters, music publishers and record labels.

Through Beatclub Timbaland wants to become a connection between the unknown and the known.

“I know what it is like to sit in a room as a child, I don’t know if you have talent. The way this world moves is how we get these kids to have their music heard, ”said Timbaland, a Grammy-winning producer and songwriter who worked with Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, Rihanna, Madonna, Drake and others Has.

“This platform is a place for creators to communicate,” he continues. “I am the head of the ship. But guess what, if you own a ship, you can communicate with me and you’ll be better. I can point you out a Lil Durk or Lil Baby and tell them to look out for that guy or girl and give that person a chance. That could be her biggest dream. “

Beatclub expects to officially launch later this year, but several top musicians and producers including J. Cole, Mike WiLL Made-It, Mike Dean, Tainy and Scott Storch have joined.

On Monday, Justin Timberlake announced to The Associated Press that he was also joining the Beatclub. The singer said he is currently working with Timbaland and Beatclub on his upcoming album.

“When Tim told me about Beatclub and the concept behind it, I thought what a great, brilliant idea,” said Timberlake, who won three Grammys with Timbaland for “Sexy Back,” “LoveStoned / I Think She Knows,” and “Pusher.” won is a lover. “The duo worked together on five of Timberlake’s studio albums.

Timberlake said in a video first released to the AP that the platform could be a way for creatives to connect, communicate and share music without being in the same room.

“I find it very inspiring that people have access to this type of technology and platform to share things on,” he said. “I love working with people I’ve never met. Even the stuff we’re working on with my record right now is all beat club. Tim brings people he found through this platform and brings them to me. “

Timbaland predicted that Beatclub would be extremely rewarding and educational for members who can all retain their music rights and revenue, set their own pricing terms, and keep their release fees. The platform does not take any additional revenue from subscribers.

“You’re learning finance,” he said. “You learn about wealth and how to control money and business. It is your own business. It’s a place where your tools are valued when they think they aren’t. “

Beatclub was named after Timbaland’s record label Beat Club, which started the career of rapper Bubba Sparxxx almost two decades ago. The label eventually broke down, but Timbaland had a revelation one night to keep the name alive, but with a different approach.

As soon as he woke up, Timbaland called his business partner Gary Marella, who was working with him on “Verzuz”, to tell him about his idea for the new digital platform. He felt encouraged to pursue the Beatclub idea after the success of the “Verzuz” series, in which two musicians compete against each other in a song-versus-song battle.

The series was acquired by Triller earlier this year. It has moved from Instagram Live to personal battles in front of an audience and could go into the touring section, the producer says.

Timbaland said “Verzuz” improved his business understanding while the pandemic reprogrammed his confidence.

“‘Verzuz’ helped me find my way back into my past,” he said. “It has helped me deal with my social skills and deal with people without getting emotional and stopping being selfish. It taught me to think about both parties, my business and finding a solution. You see there is a problem, but what is the solution? “

Marella said he was immediately hooked on the Beatclub idea when Timbaland called him.

“I think the world was a little prepared for this,” said Marella, who helped sign a contract between the Beatclub and the National Hockey League to provide bespoke music for top league games like the Stanley Cup. The platform has also partnered with IBM as part of the company’s mentoring program for startups to provide privacy, privacy and security solutions.

“There are a few other people in this space like Splice and BeatStars that I can’t ignore who have been groundbreaking, forward thinking and disrupting the beat licensing business,” he continued. “But who better to push the door open than Timbaland. He’s leading the way for all of these high profile producers, songwriters, and even artists, and he’s telling them this is the future of the business. “

Timbaland calls this time of his life a rebirth after struggling with substance abuse, divorce, obesity, and unhealthy conditions a few years ago. But now he has a new focus on his next stage, having lost more than 100 pounds, with new scope for his entrepreneurial endeavors.

“I’ve reevaluated everything that has been put into my life,” he said. “But I’m always a prostitute. I’m always a pivot guy. … It’s about working smarter, not harder. That’s how I turn. “