Heat wave: Fossil-fuel subsidies | The Seattle Times


Subject: “The Record Breaking Pacific Northwest Heatwave Creates Wildfire, Devastating Streets; Health costs not yet known ” [June 28, Local News]:

As we recover from the record-breaking heat wave that has ravaged the Pacific Northwest, it becomes more urgent to convince political leaders to finally adopt effective climate policies. At least we could stop giving billions of dollars to the companies that created the problem in the first place.

It’s hard to imagine anyone arguing that fossil fuel companies should continue to receive $ 15 billion in government funding every year. As the long and chaotic political struggle to create a bipartisan infrastructure bill and climate-friendly reconciliation package progresses, cutting off corporate grants to the dirty energy industry is a breeze.

In 2012, MEP Suzan DelBene stated, “It is time we stopped subsidizing oil companies with public taxpayers’ money.” This is truer than ever and we need them to join the fight to finally get the subsidies for Eliminate fossil fuels once and for all.

Thomas Meyer, Seattle, Organizer, Food & Water Watch