North Satellite Modernization Project completed at Seattle-Tacoma airport


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) in Washington has opened its newly built N Concourse, also known as the North Satellite Modernization Project.

The hall comprises eight new passenger gates and 12 converted gates with a plug-in at each gate space. It also features an Alaska Airlines passenger lounge and 10 new local and nationally acclaimed art installations. In addition, the North Satellite Modernization Project tripled the number of restaurants and retail options to include Tundra Taqueria, SEA Roast Coffee House and Wendy’s (the latter opens in December 2021), with more to open in 2022.

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The newly renovated N Concourse was designed by Fentress Architects and AECOM and is intended to be reminiscent of the movement of a naturally meandering river. The facility was built by the construction company Hensel Phelps.

During construction, workers put in more than 2,100,000 hours of work over a four-year period to build the facility. Over 20%, or $ 100 million, of this construction was spent on small businesses, of which $ 16.5 million went to minority or women-owned companies. Throughout the process, 76%, or 20,000 tons, of construction rubble was recycled to landfill, and nearly $ 21 million in recycled materials was used on the project.

Energy-efficient LED lighting, heating and cooling methods implemented during construction also save around 1,700,000 kWh annually, which corresponds to the annual energy consumption of 170 households. This project also created the airport’s first system for collecting and reusing rainwater. Rainwater captured by the roof is used to flush toilets, saving 2.8 million gallons of drinking water annually.

Since the modernization project included a brand new performance stage, the airport upgraded its existing live music tradition and started its first arts and culture festival. ‘Experience SEA @ N’ took place parallel to the opening of the N Concourse and presented artists with live music, poetry readings and some spoken word. Other festival highlights included art tours, special campaigns and tastings at the airport’s new catering facilities.

Fred Felleman, President of the Port of Seattle Commission, said, “This event celebrates the natural and cultural richness of the Pacific Northwest. The building embodies our values ​​of creating economic opportunities in an integrative and environmentally friendly way. “

Curtis Fentress, responsible for design at Fentress Architects, said: “N Concourse is now emblematic of the Pacific Northwest, its majestic sights and sounds. Every element of the design works together to orient travelers as they greet visitors and welcome residents. “

Shannon Gustine, Vice President of Hensel Phelps, said, “Hensel Phelps and our trading partners often come together to build complex projects, but the North Satellite Modernization Project has been a unique opportunity to not only work through challenging logistics and safety, but each other really changing the impression and experience of so many who travel to our area. This is a unique experience and we are honored to be part of such a great team effort. “

Lance Lyttle, Managing Director of SEA, said: “Live music has been a part of the SEA scene for many years, but we have never hosted a culture and arts festival on this scale. The premieres on this stage will be unforgettable with three music sets, a spoken word artist and the national poet Laureate. Listen in, lean in and experience SEA. “

North Satellite Modernization Project completed at Seattle-Tacoma airport