Seattle native enterprise information and information – Development

Seattle native enterprise information and information – Development

May 21, 2021

Security: general contractor (motorway / civil), less than 500,000 working hours

Photo by Guy F. Atkinson Construction

Atkinson’s corporate culture fosters a collaborative atmosphere that encourages continuous improvement.

Guy F. Atkinson Construction

At Atkinson, the corporate culture revolves around promoting a collaborative atmosphere that encourages continuous improvement. Atkinson has devoted significant resources to identifying areas for improvement at both the corporate and individual levels through perception surveys, continuous improvement teams, Team Atkinson events, and company-wide safety retreats. These methods are all designed to promote meaningful communication and training on safety.

An innovative approach that Atkinson has developed to make the importance of safety clear is the Speak Up, Listen Up initiative. This initiative aims to involve all employees and empower them to ensure and manage their safety. Speak Up, Listen Up is structured in such a way that the work environment is presented as a friendly, collaborative environment and employees are encouraged to speak up if they notice safety issues. The initiative also makes it clear how important it is to listen to the concerns of everyone who speaks out? make sure all potential safety issues are addressed and used as teachable moments.

The concept of speaking and listening is a cornerstone of Atkinson’s business philosophy and permeates the company’s approach to quality, safety and manufacturing. Atkinson identifies expectations that can be trained and measured. These expectations are usually viewed as leading indicators, such as B. Participation in daily preliminary meetings, weekly safety meetings and weekly safety audits. Near-miss detection is also measured. Feedback on all measured leading indicators is provided in a reporting format, effectively closing the communication loop related to these identified expectations. Each identified expectation and its measured participation are tracked to reveal trends. These trends can then help determine the effectiveness of Atkinson’s safety program and identify new directions for the program.

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