Slog AM: Seattle Needs to Erase CHOP From Its Reminiscence, Within the Twilight of Downtown’s McDonald’s, Wooden Is the New Gold – Slog


Seattle to CHOP Art: What part of “Hell No” do you not understand? Charles Mudede

Seattle does it all it may block the scheduled commemoration of CHOP at Cal Anderson Park. The city does not care whether it is “not a protest, but a festival”. It wants to remember forever what has to do with CHOP, forget it forever, crumple it up and throw it into a black hole from which no information can be retrieved.


According to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, a delivery truck flattened some of the street seating on Capitol Cider Wednesday night. Apparently an angel happened to be around who had nothing to do because no one was hurt. Capitol Cider, located on E Pike Street, has some of the best street structures in town.

First person to win Washington’s vaccination lottery won the $ 250,000 award with as much secrecy as possible. They know: more money, more problems.

The high-priced wood Picking up these days makes the risk of stealing it acceptable. Seattle Times’ Christine Clarridge, “MPs arrested a man on June 1 who allegedly tried to steal 32 pieces of wood worth more than $ 2,300 from a Shoreline lumber yard.” Expect an increase in this type of crime. Guard your wood like your gold and your Bible. And, sorry, I’m not going to deliver dirty wooden jokes this morning.

What? Is tropical moisture coming towards us? What does all this tell us?

Strange to talk about in mid-June. Check out the moisture trail on this water vapor satellite loop. The low pressure area off the coast is opening up tropical moisture drawn north 1400 miles west of HI (which we couldn’t easily fit into this picture). #wawx
– NWS Seattle (@NWSSeattle) June 10, 2021

Good news for that in camp Seattle Is Dying (SID) could be found here Puget Sound Business Journal Report: “40-story Pratt Street tower proposed ‘on hold’ for old News American site as downtown vacancy rises.” Why are there so many vacancies today? It can only be one thing: All these criminal people who criminalize the streets with their non-stop crimes. (Sorry, no good news at all from SID. High vacancy rates are not in Seattle, but in Baltimore, a city that has been dying longer than Seattle.)

The Chase Bank, the old McDonald’s. replaced‘s in Denny Triangle has opened its doors. Huhu. Well, how many McDonald’s are there left downtown? It looks like two. One near the Seattle Center and another on the corner that many of our city mothers and fathers want to see tidied up once and for all, 3rd and Pine.

The one legislator who voted against the expulsion of Rep. Mike Nearman from the Oregon House of Representatives: Rep. Mike Nearman. He still feels like he did absolutely nothing wrong when he opened a locked door on December 21, 2020 to a group of Tea People armed to the teeth and ready to make American Great Again. Nearman is the first representative of the state to get the boot in the 160 years that the house has existed.

USA today:

His actions resulted in dozens of people – some armed and in body armor – gaining access to the Capitol, suffering thousands of dollars in damage and injuring six police officers from Salem and Oregon State.

Replaced Republican MP Mike Nearman Thursday night, for the first time in state history, an incumbent legislature was expelled from Oregon.

That is what the US House of Representatives should try at some point. Soon. Like yesterday.
– Paul Rosenberg (@PaulHRosenberg) June 11, 2021

When you talk about electoral fraud, it always comes from a Republican. Whenever you hear about real electoral fraud, it’s always done by a Republican. “[Gabrielle LeDoux, a] Former Alaska state lawmaker was indicted by an Anchorage grand jury on five counts of voter misconduct. “In 2018,” 26 ‘irregular’ postal ballots were cast for LeDoux. ”

Alaska man takes time out of his life to help a moose calf cross a road. “It worked out for the best,” the man told reporters.

Who gets more of this equity than we do? Apparently Idaho is:

With home prices rising, the average WA homeowner made $ 66,000 in equity on a mortgage in one year. Idaho homeowners won $ 71,000.
– Heidi Groover (@heidigroover) June 10, 2021

Boeings. Can. You. Do something. Law. No more? Puget Sound Business Journal, “The next new delay on a Boeing aircraft could be Air Force One, and it’s affiliated with a supplier, a former Wichita, Kansas,” says an aviation executive who played a large role in his company’s demise. ”

Speaking of Air Force One drama: