Tegria Partners with the Seattle Kraken’s One Roof Foundation to Support South Park Community Health Initiatives


Working together will tackle the harmful effects of pollution and the lack of healthy activities for young people

SEATTLE, Oct. 14, 2021 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Improving wellbeing in Seattle’s troubled South Park neighborhood is the goal of a new partnership between the Seattle Kraken One Roof Foundation and Tegria, the Providence-based healthcare technology and – Services. Resident-led projects supported by the new partnership will help mitigate the unhealthy effects of pollution, proximity to Superfund sites, and lack of activities for teenagers, which have led to serious health problems such as higher asthma rates and lower life expectancies .

“In a community that suffers from significant health inequalities and often does not have access to medical care, the Tegria presence provides the kind of community service and partnership we as an organization are constantly seeking to bring better health outcomes to our Duwamish Valley community “Said Paulina Lopez, LLM, General Manager, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition / TAG.

Thirteen different languages ​​are spoken in South Park, which is also home to Seattle’s largest Hispanic / Latin population. Dedicated community leaders of nearly 5,000 people are focused on improving the health and prospects for all residents.

“All children should have access to sports and safe play areas and clean air to breathe, but unfortunately that is not a given in some neighborhoods,” said Mari Horita, vice president, community engagement & social impact for the Seattle Kraken, and managing director of One Roof Foundation. “We’re working with the South Park community to bring about the much-needed changes.”

The new partnership builds on Tegria’s drive to improve health by providing innovative services and solutions to health organizations. Tegria was founded by Providence, which is continuously committed to South Park and the larger Duwamish Valley community. Providence Regina House provides health resources and operates a weekly grocery and clothing bench to help and ease South Park families’ walk.

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“At Tegria, we see health as more than just a provider that provides help when you are sick or injured, as important as that is. It encompasses all the elements necessary for people to live optimally, ”said Wasif Rasheed, Providence Chief Growth Officer and member of the Tegria Governing Council. “The South Park community has worked hard to improve the environmental, social, and economic conditions that affect wellbeing. Working with the Seattle Kraken One Roof Foundation, we have the opportunity to learn from South Park, support them and contribute to their health across all facets of life in their community. “

About One Roof Foundation

The One Roof Foundation serves as the charitable arm for the Seattle Kraken and the Climate Pledge Arena, and we envision a more equitable society and a healthy planet where all people can achieve a better future. We are working to make this vision a reality through three pillars of impact: 1) helping to end the homelessness of young people in our region; 2) improving access to hockey, sports and life opportunities for underserved youth; and 3) promoting environmental justice. We strive to realize this vision together under one roof. Learn more at www.onerooffoundation.org.

About Tegria

Tegria helps health organizations of all sizes accelerate technological, clinical and operational advances that enable people to live healthier lives. Based in Seattle with teams in the US and internationally, Tegria is comprised of more than 3,500 strategists, technologists, service providers, clinicians and scientists who are committed to creating value for customers. Founded by Providence, Tegria is committed to creating health for a better world. To find out more, visit tegria.com.

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