Thirteen Seattle area restaurants remain shut-down for public health violations


Harbor City Restaurant at 707 S King St. in Seattle was closed by a public health food inspector on October 14, 2021 for the following food safety violations:

  • Pest infestation
  • Sewage backup
  • Excessive Critical Violations (95 Red Critical Points)

The facility will reopen once the inspector confirms that these issues have been resolved.

Seattle-King County Public Health lists reasons for a facility closure that could be due to food law violations, non-compliance with the permit process, a COVID-19 outbreak, or violations of the COVID-19 Safe Start Guidelines .

Depending on the type of closure, additional information may include the date the facility was closed, whether the facility was reopened, the date it was reopened, a link to the inspector’s report, and additional guidance.

Information for restaurants closed by the health department will remain online for at least seven days after reopening.

Thirteen restaurants that were closed by public health this year will remain closed. In addition to the last closure of the Harbor City Restaurant, the five Alki Beach establishments were closed 24th July of Public Health due to a lack of valid permits remain closed.

Those five are Ivonne Pineda’s booth on Alki Beach; Nieves De Garrafa on Alki Beach; Marco Morales stand on Alki beach; Chopped N distorted on Alki Beach. and Botanas Locas on Alki Beach. All five were asked to shut down at the same time.

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