West Seattle Blog… | 2 DAYS AWAY: Here’s what you’ll see at West Seattle Junction ‘parking lots’ future’ meeting Thursday


As first announced last month, and as we reminded you on Sunday, an online community meeting will be held this Thursday that will focus on the future of the four West Seattle Junction locations that have long been used as parking lots. They have been designated for mixed uses for decades, and now the question is not whether they will be renovated, but who and how. the West Seattle Junction Association convenes the meeting with the prospective buyer on Thursday evening Living with community rootswho just sent this:

Community Roots Housing, in partnership with the West Seattle Junction Association (WSJA), proposes plans to redesign four parking lots in West Seattle. The organizations will host a virtual community meeting on October 21st to collect input on the proposal.

The redevelopment plans would convert the four parking spaces into affordable housing, including a senior housing building, a 6,500 square meter incubator and replacement public parking spaces. The housing would generate incomes of 60% or less of the median income in the region. “At Community Roots Housing we believe in community-led development,” said Christopher people, CEO of Community Roots Housing. “We are committed to listening to and responding to the needs and priorities of the West Seattle neighborhood while creating more affordable homes to help address the Seattle housing crisis.”

The properties are currently owned by West Seattle Trusteed Properties and managed by WSJA. In April, Community Roots Housing made an offer to purchase the parking spaces at the appraised value of the property. The Seattle City Housing Bureau has agreed to provide a purchase loan to purchase the property and convert the parking spaces into affordable housing. The landowner is expected to vote on the sale at a general meeting on October 28th.

“Community input will be a guiding factor as we begin developing the vision for the Junction Parking Lot,” said Lora Radford, Executive director of the West Seattle Junction Association. “Because we are in an urban village, the crucial development decisions that will affect future generations of West Seattle residents are here and now. The value of the early voices of the community is important in order to build and maintain an inner city with vision, history, heart and soul. “

Community Roots Housing is a mission-based public development authority in the city of Seattle that creates affordable housing for workers. Over the past year, Community Roots has participated in discussions with the community and stakeholders about the property. “West Seattle Junction is the beating heart of the neighborhood, and we have the opportunity to transform and empower this community for generations by welcoming new affordable housing, senior housing, expanded common areas and a small business incubator,” said councilor Lisa Herbold. “I am delighted that these plans are taking shape under the leadership of the West Seattle Junction Association and Community Roots Housing. I look forward to learning more and hearing from parishioners at the Thursday Open House. “

Information on how to watch / listen / participate in the Thursday meeting at 6:30 p.m. is available on this WSJA website. The meeting agenda includes presentations from WSJA, Community Roots Housing and architects Ankrom Moisan, as well as a time for community questions / comments.